“Teraz Polska” award for Switcher

The innovative Switcher technology delivered by KZN “Bieżanów” receives the “Teraz Polska” Emblem for INNOVATIVE PROJECT at the 25th “Teraz Polska” Competition.

Resize of MAK_6283“The main idea behind the Innovative Projects category is to find and recognize the most innovative solutions. In a time when innovative economy development and cooperation between science and business sectors is becoming crucial, this category gains particular prominence. It has become a way of recognizing and promoting scientists and engineers who develop innovative technological solutions, but also businesses that implement those solutions,” says Mr. Krzysztof Przybył, Chairman of the Polish Promotional Programme Foundation that awards the “Teraz Polska” Emblem, and reminds us that the innovative projects category was introduced into the competition barely a decade ago.

“The innovations that won this year are breakthrough solutions on a global scale. They are the tangible result of cooperation between science and business,” says Mr. Michał Lipiński, Director of the “Teraz Polska” Competition.

“The distinguishing feature of our technology is the comprehensive approach to the entire process of manufacturing, logistics and incorporation of railroad turnouts. With Switcher, we are able to radically improve the initial quality, streamline the incorporation process and reduce the costs related to those key elements of railway infrastructure,” Mr. Ryszard Leszczyński, Chairman of KZN “Bieżanów”, commented upon receiving news of the award for his company. “In the context of the “Teraz Polska” competition, the key information is that this idea has been developed in Poland and with the hands and minds of Polish engineers. The design, manufacturing and implementation stages were supervised by our Research and Development Office, whereas the tests of prototype train cars and equipment were conducted by the Railway Institute in Warsaw. Equally important was the financial contribution of the National Centre for Research and Development, which covered nearly half the construction and technology research expenses. Switcher is therefore proof that Polish engineering solutions are capable of delivering innovations of global value, including in the railway industry,” KZN’s Chairman emphasised.

statuetka_TPThe core of the Switcher technology recognised in the “Teraz Polska” Competition is the innovative rail car, 27.5 m in length, with integrated loading cranes and tie-down modules on the platforms, and turnout bracing solutions for loading and unloading operations. The cranes are able to operate in small spaces, which enables unloading of the train car without the need to dismantle the electric traction. Digitally controlled cranes installed at the ends of the train car enable precise loading and unloading of the turnout, both from a train car equipped with a crane, or a train car without the crane, used to transport the largest turnout blocks. The flexibility of the solution makes it possible to transport all types of turnouts, including those of 1,200 m radius.

The “Teraz Polska” Competition is a non-commercial event. Its aim is to recognise the best products, services, innovative projects and municipalities in Poland. In this year’s competition, the 26th, the Competition Jury awarded the “Teraz Polska” Emblem to 15 products, 8 services, 2 innovative projects and 3 municipalities.

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