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The best ideas concerning business are a simple answer to actual market demands. This was not different in our case. For nearly 70 years, Kolejowe Zakłady Nawierzchniowe “Bieżanów” has been engaged in the manufacturing of railway turnouts. During this period, it has become one of the undisputed leaders of this niche branch in Poland. In the course of privatisation and the resulting activities to stabilise the financial situation (2004-2006), our shareholders and employees witnessed many shortcomings in the functioning of the entire market sector. These comprised gaps in competence at particular stages of execution of investment and maintenance tasks related to railway surfaces.

GrupaThe answer to these problems was the idea of creating a business structure to implement the abovementioned task in a comprehensive manner. A customer who manages the railway infrastructure or executes investment tasks related to it should receive fully professional and complex services in these tasks at one place, from design, through counselling, manufacturing of elements, logistic services and, finally, – to construction and subsequent maintenance of railways. The first step in this direction was determined expansion in the tramway infrastructure segment and creation of a new department dealing with the construction of tramway surfaces (External Works Department).

Parallel to this, the internal design and R&D departments were also expanded, allowing for implementation of innovative solutions for the manufacturing, installation and servicing of the key elements of surfaces, such as turnouts. Although implementation of the above actions brought us closer to the objectives pursued, the result turned out to be insufficient. The next decision of the owners was therefore market expansion, realised through the creation and development of the capital group – shortly afterwards, KZN “Bieżanów” purchased shares of the companies as well as created from scratch completely new business entities (2010-2013).