The activity of a developing business organisation must be noticed by others. Therefore, it is no wonder that the trade press and Polish media report on our operations and successes. This comes as no surprise because the changes and innovations implemented by us are interesting topics. Moreover, these are not just events on the scale of the firm or holding company but they are the impulses for reforming the entire sector of the railway market. The fact that we can positively surprise both our industry as well as journalists is a source of considerable satisfaction.

Being a modern organisation, we actively cooperate with the media and their representatives. The industry in which we operate is important from the point of view of individual passengers as well as the entire economy. Our willingness to change what is wrong in this market segment and the specific, innovative product offers entitle us to assist in creating information and knowledge about the market.

The KZN Bieżanów Group in numbers

At present, the capital group is formed by seven entities

The return on sales in 2015 was over 400 million PLN (100 mln euro)

In the same period, our employment exceeded 500 individuals

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