Nasycalnia Podkładów w Czeremsze Sp. z o.o.


Nasycalnia Podkładów w Czeremsze (Sleeper Treatment Plant in Czeremcha) is a plant with traditions dating back to the times of the Second World War. From the beginning, the plant has been busy chiefly with wood treatment for railways and industry. At present, the treatment plant produces railway cross ties, turnout ties and bridge ties from soft wood and hard wood and teletechnical, energy and hop poles. Additionally, we provide sheeting of ties and assembly of railway spans. We also perform a full scope of sawmill production.

The wooden surfaces are made in compliance with PN-D-95006, PN-D-95014 and impregnated with impregnation oil according to the PN-EN-13991 Ruping pressure – vacuum method.

The products of Sleeper Treatment Plant in Czeremcha have approval certificate No. B/2001/0180 for exploitation of constructions for traffic of trains issued by GIK in Warsaw.


ul. Fabryczna 7, 17-240 Czeremcha
Tel: +48 85 685 00 01
Fax: +48 85 685 11 59