What makes our products exceptional?

Firstly, quality!
It is our ambition to continuously increase the quality of our products. On the basis of procedures originating from the ISO 9001:2008 and IRIS level 02 certificates, in the process of production preparation, manufacturing and transport, we pick up and eliminate potential and actual failures and faults. In taking care of our final product, we always recommend construction executed by entities that possess the relevant competences, personnel and machinery.

Secondly, technical advancement!
We strive for each of our product leaving the plant to conform to the current trends and technical tendencies. The Production Preparation Department and Research-Development Office persistently work to perfect the existing constructions and to find new solutions. New materials such as bainitic steel or subassemblies corresponding to the best European requirements (e.g. a sub-switch combined with a so-called narrow switch lock) successively supersede products that do not fulfil the demands of contemporary railway transport.

Thirdly, complexity!
We are determined to provide complex care for the customer and product purchased by him. We can provide network managements, investors or general contractors with complete service depending on support and offering services at each stage connected with the life cycle of our products. Our motto is ‘Railway surface from A to Z’, and due to this fact, you can find at our company actual solutions at the stage of technical counselling and designing through manufacturing and complete logistics of supplies, to construction processes and later warranty, service and maintenance.